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            Bi-Fold Doors in London

Bespoke Bi Fold Doors London, Windows Factory London

Work with one of the best installation teams in the London by choosing Windows factory London for your Bi Fold doors installation and Maintenance. Our talented team of experts has been specifically trained to manufacture and install this impressive Bi Fold Doors.

This devotion to high-quality products and services goes beyond renowned manufacturers in London. We are also recognised by accrediting bodies. 

Bespoke Bi Fold uPVC Doors:

We want your uPVC Bi Fold doors to immediately fit in with the existing style of your home. We therefore offer a number of customisation options for you to utilise so that you can personalise your new purchase to your exact requirements. We have bespoke method to mix and match our selection of handles, panels and frames with your choice and need. You can get Bi Fold uPVC doors with a chamfered or sculptured profile, alongside either double or triple glazing for added thermal efficiency and structural strength. You can also choose from the standard 5-Chamber designs, Part M compliance and a huge selection of colours and finishes, including Rosewood, Irish Oak and many others.

Bespoke uPVC Bi Fold Doors, Windows Factory London
Bespoke uPVC Bi Fold Doors, Bi Fold Doors London

Bespoke Bi Fold Aluminium Doors:

Our high quality Bespoke Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors enhance the appearance, security and potential value of your home. The appeal of aluminium bi-folding doors has become widely appreciated in the local area of London because of their fantastic and premium Look, providing beautiful views of outdoor spaces. They also allow light to flood into properties, creating a bright, optimistic atmosphere.

The fantastic thermal properties of our Bespoke Aluminium Bi Fold Doors make rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. And when the heat is on during long summer days in London, Our Aluminium door can be completely rolled back to allow the garden to seamlessly join the house.


Bespoke Bi Fold Patio Doors:

bifold doors are changing the way people live and have become one of the must have additions to new homes and extensions.

Bi Fold Patio Doors have taken the consideration of the  Now they are favoured architecturally because of the vast space they can fill without the need for PVCu / aluminium vertical bars to break up a view.


We supply aluminium bi-folds patio doors in a the colour and design combination you want. Our doors are energy efficient and highly secure aesthetically it means that in any home large areas of glass don’t have to be cold during the winter months. In Windows Factory London, We Provide first class Bespoke Patio Bi Fold Doors in all over the London.

Bespoke Aluminium Bi Fold Doors, Bi Fold Doors London
Bespoke Wooden Bi Fold Doors, Bi Fold Doors London

Bespoke Bi Fold Wooden Doors:

The Bespoke Wooden bi-fold doors look great in traditional and contemporary style homes. Constructed from mixed materials including timber, real oak veneers and man-made materials. Our wooden doora are a natural timber product and with the bespoke ability you can get fully custom Wooden Bi Fold Door.

 So what are you waiting for. Achieve the desired look for your new timber front door or wooden exterior back door from our range of durable paint finishes.Click the Button below and get a 100% Free custom quote for your new Bi Fold Door/s.

            Bi Fold Doors London

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